It's the world capital of jazz where these four young musicians met and played together for the first time: New York City. There, all four of them completed a master's degree in music supported by the German Academic Exchange Service. After moving back to Germany, Janning Trumann, Fabian Willmann, Florian Herzog and Eva Klesse decided to move on with this very special band project, which distinguishes itself via its unusual harmony-instrument-free orchestration, the multifaceted original compositions by all band members and highly interactive and energetic improvisation parts.

“[A] very special band” - German Consulate New York City

"Meanwhile, with it's absolutely contemporary jazz, the quartet became - it's barely an exaggeration - one of the most talented young bands of our northern neighbour-country." - Steff Rohbarch, Jazz'n'More

"Jazz with spirit and lots of style." - Roland Spiegel, BR-Klassik

"[Trillmann] elevated playing without harmonic instruments to a vertigo-inducing level." - Juan Martin Koch, Mittelbayrische Zeitung

09.03.19    Wendlandjazz / Gedelitz
10.03.19    Tonhalle / Hannover 
11.03.19    Schon Schön / Mainz
12.03.19    IG Jazz / Mannheim

14.06.19    Jazzclub / Rostock
16.06.19    Saxstall / Pohrsdorf


past concerts

06.01.18    Theater Gütersloh
07.01.18    Loft / Köln (ft. Sebastian Sternal)
13.02.18    Bird's Eye / Basel (CH)
14.02.18    Bird's Eye / Basel (CH)
12.03.18    Jazzkongress / Freiburg
11.04.18    Deutsches Haus / New York City (USA)
12.04.18    Carnegie Hall / New York City (USA)
14.04.18    TBA / Uelzen
22.06.18    Jazz Baltica / Lübeck
17.07.18    Bayrisches Jazzweekend / Regensburg
11.09.18    Loft / Köln (Live Recording)
14.09.18    Kulturbahnhof / Kalchreuth

30.08.17	Jazzcampus / Basel (CH)
27.09.17	EU Jazznight / Maastricht (NL)
28.09.17	Loft / Cologne
29.09.17	Blue Note / Dresden
30.09.17	Horns Erben / Leipzig
01.10.17	Saxstall / Pohrsdorf
02.10.17	C-Keller / Weimar
03.10.17	Schlot / Berlin